VO Resume

Audio Dramas/Podcasts

  • The Red-Headed League (John Clay; I Am Lost Without My Boswell)

  • Captain America: 1944 (Jarvis, Additional Characters; Audio Anomaly)

  • Merchant of Death (Additional Characters; Leonidas Audio Productions)

  • Thor: Hero of Asgard (Heimdall; Audio Anomaly)

  • Iron Man: Legacies (J.A.R.V.I.S., Additional Characters; Audio Anomaly)

  • Hulk: Survival of the Fittest (Additional Characters; Audio Anomaly)

  • Chronicles of Fhaerythe: Into the Unknown (Caprus; Phantasmal Bard Studios)

  • The Rise in Fall (Victor; Adam L. Differ)

Video Games

Solipsism Reigns (Sammy, Christo; Melancholy Marionette)


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